Fancy Yourself as a Singer in Dubai?

singer in dubai

Fancy Yourself as a Singer in Dubai? Here’s How!

Many people dream of hitting the big time, no matter where in the world they are located; however, there’s no denying that Dubai is a destination where most people dream of hitting the big time in; a singer in Dubai or even a different kind of performer in Dubai can certainly enjoy a charmed life if done the right way!

Despite all the glitz and glamour and the promises of fame and fortune, of course the road towards your glittering life isn’t going to be an easy one. The good news? It can be navigated, especially if you know the right road to take, taking care to avoid the bumps along the way.


Okay, so you fancy yourself as a singer in Dubai, we’ve established that fact, but you need to be ultra-professional.

Create a CD to promote your music, get professional photos taken, don’t rely on some sub-standard Facebook profile picture you had taken a few years ago where you drunkenly thought you were Beyoncé or Justin Bieber – you need to show others that you can be taken seriously. Business cards are another great idea, giving your contact details to any interested parties.

Make like a Jack Russell, be tenacious

Any current performer in Dubai will tell you that the road to success wasn’t an easy one, and that they had to fight their way to the top. If someone tells you ‘no’, don’t cower and walk away, prove them wrong! Event organisers and promoters love someone who doesn’t give up, someone who knows what they want and goes out and grabs it. Go around venues, ask to speak to the top dog, and persuade them in the nicest possible way that you are their guy or girl.

Social media is your friend

Create a page for yourself on Facebook, create a Twitter account, and use it to promote your talent. It’s not being big-headed; it’s knowing your worth. Social media is the one stop-shop for reaching the masses, and within one of those masses, you might just find your next gig.

Get on the web

Another great way to provide a professional appearance and get exposure is to build a website. Websites are becoming more affordable and cost effective these days which means anyone can create one.

WordPress is a great platform to use for many bloggers (such as me) and offers some great website building tools for not so tech savvy singers.

Here are 2 great examples of websites for 2 singers in Dubai that I recommend you take a look at in regards to the design and information provided:

Dubai is a competitive gig – an agency is always going to be your best bet

Okay, so you’re going to lose a little cash here, but registering with an agency basically opens a lot of doors. Yes, you can try and do it yourself, and yes, many people have succeeded this way, but an agent has contacts that you don’t have, and they can push you further to the fore.

If you want to make it big, you have to smile at people you don’t really like that much

It’s a sad state of affairs but the truth of the matter is that you sometimes have to befriend people that you otherwise wouldn’t have. Dubai is one of those places in the world that epitomises this statement – suck it up and just think of the future!

Push yourself to the fore, don’t give up, and dream of hitting the big time in the glittering world of Dubai.

It can be done, my friends!

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