How To Get Your PPL in South Africa

image of plane fleet used to get your PPL in South Africa

How to get your PPL in South Africa

Before we get started and to ensure that you are on the right page, a PPL stands for Private Pilots Licence. When you are looking get your PPL in South Africa through a flying school program, you should first evaluate the different schools. In South Africa, the PPL is the first of many certifications for flying which is a great place to start.

It is important to evaluate different facets in order to find a Private Pilots Licence program which meets your needs:

Multiple Licenses

If you have aspirations of gaining additional certifications after the PPL, you want to find a school in South Africa, which offers comprehensive programs so that you can simply work with them for the duration of your training, and not having to bounce around to multiple schools.

If you are able to gain additional licenses from the same school you will afford yourself the benefit of the instructors knowing who you are, knowing your academic strengths and weaknesses. You will also afford yourself the benefit of being familiar with the planes they use and the layout of their location.

Image of plane used for PPL in South Africa

Qualifications Required For A PPL

Look over the pilots/instructors who work for the training facility. If they do not give this information publicly, you might want to consider another school. Each training facility should have a biographical section on their website, in their pamphlets, and elsewhere on their marketing materials which tell you about their staff and the qualifications of their staff.

Training For Your PPL in South Africa

When reviewing different flight schools for a PPL, you want to find those which give their students proper training. Flight school South Africa based is where you will gain hands-on experience, log away hours flying solo and with an instructor, and fly across the country.

Pilot training in South Africa is also where individuals gain classroom based information necessary to properly manoeuvre a plane. You should find a training facility which offers comprehensive education, proper flight time, and the background materials you need to successfully pass all of the relevant examinations.

Photo of pilots in a plane cockpit training for their PPL in South Africa


Obviously, finding a location near you, or one which is easily accessible is key as well. You don’t want to have to travel for a few months to a new city just to get your pilot license. You can get your PPL at the majority of flight schools in South Africa such as Airborne Aviation.

Close up photo of a planes cockpit that is what you will need to learn about to get your PPL and become a Pilot in South Africa


Cost is a factor in any decision. But here it is important to compare the cost of many schools. There will be a rough average between them. Any school that is well below that average is not usually worth your time, as they might offer sub-par service.


A school which is high above that average may or may not be worth it depending on the reason for their higher cost. If they do not offer any additional services or higher qualified instructors, then it is definitely not worth it. Overall, take the time to evaluate PPL programs to find the best fit for you.

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