Midwakh – A Guide on the Types of Midwakh

Midwakh – A Guide on the Types of Midwakh

In the last few years, the terms “Dokha” and “Midwakh”(it can also be spelt as medwakh), have become quite popular around the world. If you are living in any of the Middle East countries, such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Iran etc. then you have probably even smoked Dokha already.

Midwakh pipes
A selection of common Midwakh pipes

So what is Dokha?

Dokha is a traditional, dry tobacco smoked in Arabian pipes which are known as a Midwakh.

The Dokha is a tobacco with an extremely high nicotine level and hence, should always be smoked from filtered Midwakh and never from a regular hookah.


Here are some of the various types of Midwakh pipes that are used:

Camel Bone Midwakh

The bone of Arabian camels is one of the most popular choices for manufacturing Midwakh pipes. Camel bone is very strong but also extremely elegant to look at.

Naturally, it is a pride possession for smokers and draws huge compliments from friends and visitors.

This type of pipe is usually handcrafted and you will like to have it in your drawing room.

The camel bone is hand rubbed and polished to lend it a natural brown, orange, blue or wine colour.


Metal Midwakh

Metal Midwakh is generally made of cast aluminium and is made shiny by giving it a hand polish.

This metal can last for many years and can be cleaned with ease. Aluminium retains its shine and polish for a long time to come.

This type of pipe made of high quality aluminium is light in weight, and can be held easily to enjoy long smoking sessions with a lot of convenience. These beauty of these is that they can fit into jacket pockets with ease.

Wood Midwakh

Wooden Midwakh pipes are crafted and polished by hand, and come with excellent features to make them look very beautiful.

Each pipe made of wood is given some distinct characteristics and Arabian motifs such as camels, sun, swaying veiled maidens and other shapes are carved on the wood. These are crafted and carved in a beautiful way, and even smokers from non-Middle Eastern countries like to appreciate them.

Stone Midwakh

Made from stone, these are hand crafted and are often shaped in the form of animals like snakes, elephants or dragons.

Although these pipes are carved from stone, soft stones are used in the construction and the pipe has to be handled with a lot of care in order to prevent breakage.

Midwakh pipes made of stones are nothing short of collector’s items, due to the beauty that they boast of.

The beautiful shapes of the pipes make the Dokha tobacco smoking experience more satisfying overall.

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