The best baby clothes in Dubai? My Review

The best baby clothes in Dubai? My Review

As a father of two (kids aged 2 and 5) working full-time buying my kids toys online is the perfect solution to my time poor schedule.

Now before I start rambling in the next few paragraphs and share my parentally wisdom, I would just like to point out that I don’t usually write website reviews (especially in not as much detail as the following) due to my time constraints. But as I have had such a wonderful experience so far with a particular website I thought I would be selfish in not sharing this information with other parents (yes I feel your pain).

Since having my children, I have used many websites to source and buy baby toys whilst living in Dubai.

Obviously taking your children to say the Toy Store Dubai is a great experience for your children however as I mentioned earlier, having the option to purchase toys and baby clothes online in Dubai is a much easier and convenient method.

image of kids clothes online

I have used other websites along with my wife such as the baby shop Dubai site but I felt that it fell flat on it’s face in regards to a personal shopping experience that was quick and easy.

There is one website that has stood out the most for me for quality, price and overall great experience.

That website is offers a wonderful user experience. I found it super easy to find what I was looking for and at prices that fell well within my budget.

As a fellow parent reading this review, you will fully understand how quickly your children grow out of their clothes and for this reason, you don’t want to be spending too much money on clothes that will only fit for a few months before you have to order more.

Wonder Kids have a wide variety of both boys and girls clothing for all ages so if you have more than one child of different ages then this website is ideal for you.

I now use on a regular basis and since using them have ignored the Baby Shop Dubai Sale(s) as the clothes, price and quality are still as cheap and if not better on the Wonder Kids store.

What’s more is that the delivery price inside and outside of the UAE is free for certain number of items which is not something I have noticed on other baby shops in Dubai.

A quick recap…

So as a super quick recap as I am conscious of your time mums and dads, here are what I feel are the main benefits of this website:

  • Great service
  • Easy to find items
  • Great offers
  • Plenty of sales
  • Good quality clothing
  • Baby clothes
  • Kids clothes
  • Free delivery
  • Fast delivery

I hope that you have found this review helpful and useful. I would ask you to leave a comment in the comments section below but I am way too busy to reply sorry lol.

Happy parenting.

Brandon Harris

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