What Event Security Company In Dubai Should You Choose For Your Corporate Meeting?

What Event Security Company In Dubai Should You Choose For Your Corporate Meeting?

It’s difficult to believe, when perusing places to hold business events in Dubai, that the city was once merely a small-sized trading port. In just a short period of time, it has become one of the top luxury destinations in the world and a perfect place to hold your corporate event. With its variety of venues and stringent event security, Dubai is a lavish and unique location for any corporate meeting. But what do you need to put in place to ensure that your attendees and staff are protected and what type of security company in Dubai who offers event security should you choose to ensure the safety of guests and members of staff?

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The ambitious, striking architecture of Dubai is just one aspect that sets it apart from other worldwide venues. It’s an easy destination for any of your business partners, with flights from around the world landing at Dubai International Airport (DXB) each day. The airport can provide the first level of VIP security in Dubai, and it serves over 260 destinations in six continents, which makes it a perfect hub for your event.

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Your associates will enjoy the moderate climate of Dubai, and you have many choices in housing them, in one of the 600 unique properties and over 85,000 rooms. Dubai also has luxury meeting facilities across the province, including ballrooms, meeting rooms and executive boardrooms at the JS Marriott Marquis Dubai, which boasts almost 8,000 square metres of space for meetings and events. You may choose a security company in UAE, ensuring that your convention is unbothered by any external issues.

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You may also wish to consider housing at the Sofitel Dubai Downtown, which boasts meeting space from ballrooms to boardrooms, along with outdoor space for your corporate function. Flexible business event and meeting spaces are abundant and you’ll find impressive and unobtrusive event security companies in Dubai that will make your stay more relaxing. Additional accommodation options are available at three- and four-star hotels, if your business is on a budget.

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For large exhibitions and meetings, Dubai World Trade Centre’s International Convention & Exhibition Centre boasts over 90,000 square metres of multiple purpose business and event space. The newly added Sheikh Saeed Halls give you over 25,000 square metres of space for exhibitions.

If your company is hosting a business function, you will find many flexible-seating rooms, where you may host groups as small as 20 or as large as thousands. If safety is a concern, you’ll be pleased to know that, even though Interpol considers it among the safest of world cities, when it comes to event security, Dubai has many companies available for your meeting or convention. Dubai also offers health facilities that are truly state of the art.

In this gem of the Middle East, you’ll find some of the most experienced support specialists for meetings and events. This includes offering you business packages that include pre-arranged rates, special discounts and expert advice in conference planning and corporate event security in Dubai.

You’ll find a knowledge hub in Dubai that is rapidly growing, and a tremendous asset to business officials who are setting up events in the area. Your chosen security company in Dubai can handle the undisturbed transportation among different sites. Dubai has research centres and universities that pave the way for scientific and technological advancements. Diagnostic laboratories in downtown Dubai occupy more than 370,000 square metres.

At the end of your busy business day, you and your associates can relax and enjoy the vibrant entertainment scene and nightlife, with executive protection in Dubai always in the background. There are many beach clubs that offer the perfect place for relaxation after a busy corporate function.

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